Extreme Diffraction Glasses - Tinted

  • $2600

Take these anywhere and be instantly in another world of color, magic and fun!

These glasses have so much diffraction you won’t believe it! GloFX Ultimate Extreme Diffraction Glasses feature double stacked layers of premium light diffraction in a single frame design. Our Extreme Diffraction Glasses offer double layer effect. Put on a pair of Ultimate Extreme Diffraction Glasses and start blowing people’s mind while revolutionizing the way you see your world. These glasses are guaranteed to have the most diffraction ever!

Our Ultimate Diffraction Glasses always feature a True-Flex PVC Frame, with stainless steel hinges and hard plastic lenses, so they are virtually indestructible! It took us months to conjure up this fantastic design! While many of our competitors use low-quality gradient film, we manufacture our glasses with a laser etcher, assuring long lasting and mind-blowing performance. Because the diffraction effect is built into the glasses themselves, there is no risk of weak spots. We pride ourselves on the guarantee that our Ultimate Extreme Glasses provide more diffraction and durability than any other frame on the market! Stop waiting and start impressing today, grab a pair of our maximum diffraction Ultimate Extreme Glasses, or two.

Note: Due to the extreme diffraction effect of these glasses, ultimate extreme lenses may appear slightly blurry and have a slight curvature.


      • Ultimate Extreme Diffraction Glasses – Black Tinted
      • 2x Ultimate Diffraction Effect = To Matrix Diffraction
      • Durable True-Flex PVC Frame
      • Hard Plastic Diffraction Lenses
      • Stainless Steel Hinges
      • High Quality Craftsmanship
      • Lifetime Limited Warranty







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