Red Ringmaster Top Hat

  • $12500

This Red Ringmnaster Top Hat is 5 1/2" tall and when it appears, the show begins! Under the brim you will find a hand-woven raffia braid and black velveteen fabric. This hat is one of a kind. by Corona Hats

This hat was made out of a crush-able material called Peltex. It was then covered with fabric, much of which is done by hand, without a machine. There is "memory wire" sewn into the edge of the brim so you can shape and style it any way you want, with the brim either turned up, flat, or curved at a jaunty angle. You can add your own style by adding feathers, beads or just about anything!

This hat is not waterproof, but if you get caught out in the rain it's not the end of the world.... just let the hat dry without any wrinkles or creases and it will be fine.

21.5 inches or less - Small.
22.5 inches - Medium
23.5 inches or more- Large

Corona Says..."A hat is not just something you put on your head. A hat makes a statement to the world. You wear a great hat and people smile at you and you know you look good. Hats are fun! And a good hat is a good friend."





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