Steampunk Goggles- Mad Scientist - 8 colors

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The lenses on these goggles glow bright in a UV black light, and I have ascertained from journal entries (of Dr. Jeckyll, see below) that this property, along with the color and magnifying loupes allow the wearer to observe minute details in blended mixtures. by On The Wings of Steam

One of the goggles found in the laboratory of a Dr. "Henry Jekyll" during an investigation in correlation to some recent murders widely publicized in London city. Jekyll apparently had a dual resolve towards his own safety, as the goggles are a sturdy metal base, and the lenses thick + shatterproof , yet undoubtedly crafted from one of the many radioactive substances in beakers strewn about.

The "mad scientist" has constructed the head straps of the goggle with an adjustable, stretchable nylon, perhaps to assist in comfort during the long hours he spent down here.

What other reasons might he have had to make the strap adjustable???

The Magnifying loupe on the goggles ~~~IS ATTACHED FIRMLY.~~~~ Someone has taken care that it does not fall off to be lost amidst the streets of London.

I do say "Mad" scientist because that is what he has been increasingly labelled in whispered rumors of his connection to the nefarious "Mr. Hyde."

Our goggles are hand-made with attention to detail each step of the way. The base sockets are connected in the middle with a real leather strap. The ~nylon~ band that goes behind the head has two adjusters, making for a perfect fit, regardless of proportions.

** The lens caps (steel) are cleaned thoroughly before having two coats of brass paint applied, as well as a clear overcoat to prevent chipping. **

~~The faux leather is folded at its edges before being attached to the siding to provide a nice looking edge,  ~~

Shipping to some countries (Australia, U.K, and others) can take 4-6 weeks because of customs.

The lens caps are easy to unscrew to pop out the lenses to switch out or clean.

The metal goggles have a mechanical strength rating of “S”.
The lenses are crystal clear drilled acrylic, these will not shatter. – one reason why this are a safe and stylish alternative for motorcyclists.
The sockets extend about ½ an inch to the side of the eye.

The lens caps are easy to unscrew to pop out the lenses and clean with water.


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