What to Wear to a Transformational Festival

There are lots of websites that tote “festival fashion” but all too often you’ll find ordinary sundresses or t-shirts and jeans. At Festival Fire we feel that its not only fun to dress for fests in tribal style or your favorite bohemian or steampunk look, but that it’s important to “Be a part of the vision!"

At transformational festivals today (vs big music fests), we’re working as a community to create a kind and caring village, to experiment in new ways for humanity to go forward that are more fun and more fulfilling than what we were born into. Being a part of the vision is a gift to everyone around you, and when we all participate, we create an Immersion – a very powerful immersion, that helps us leave the default world behind and feel that we are in a safe place to be daring in new, open hearted ways of relating.

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So what to wear to the festivals? What’s your tribal style? You don’t have to get half naked like the folks at Burning Man, or tattoo yourself head to toe to get a great look. (keep in mind, Burning Man is set in one of the hottest, scorching deserts in North America.) A few other fests are held in desert locations, but most are set in temperate forests where you have sun and shade and moderate temperatures, ideal for experimenting with layers….

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If you don’t have much of a budget, the first thing I recommend is an outstanding, signature necklace or pendant that you can wear with any outfit. Stretching just a little to get the treasure that’s going to be your staple is well worth it. A dynamic necklace can make every outfit look dazzling, and make you look stunning. Add a head scarf or flowers in your hair and you’ve made a giant leap from what you normally wear on the street.

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A pair of big gauge earrings for guys or gals will do the same thing, and with split gauges that fit regular pierced ears, you can get the look without having to stretch your lobes.

Split gauges give you the gauged look, but fit regular pierced ears.

Feather earrings and cuffs, or a wrist full of stacking bracelets, also add that look of tribal regalia, and like a pendant, you can wear them with everything.

Stacking bracelets give that bohemian gypsy flavor!

Dressing in festival fashion is loads of fun, and there are all sorts of styles to choose from. Most popular is "boho style", a bohemian gypsy hippie fusion that involves lots of ruffles for the ladies, with layers that show under one another in flowing fabrics, and vests and scarves for the guys.

Ruffle skirts often come loaded up on the back end for a kind of modern bustle, flowing in varying lengths, short in the front and long in back. Pop on one of these and you are ready to party.

These Goddesses look terrific in Kelseys Ceations without much adornment!


Feather earrings and a pretty necklace, an ornament in your hair (scarf, flower, crown) and you’re good to go. After that its just a matter of stacking. Layers are the way to go and there are all kinds of bohemian tops to work with. Wear them so that you can see them all, short sleeve or sleeveless over something longer, crop top over a tunic. Hair embellishments are exotic and exciting, maybe a Spirit Tribe feather cuff or a Beadmask leather crown.

Personally, I think everything looks better with feathers!


For the guys there are all sorts of awesome vests that show off your sexy physique and with a good pendant you’ve got the look. They’re comfortable in the sun and you can layer a shirt under it when the sun goes down. Choose from the more pricey but extra fabulous appliquéd or embossed leather, or the less expensive cotton canvas, something with sacred geometry or a far eastern print. For guys bottoms you can wear your cargo shorts or try a pair of Infiniti Now shorts with a golden dragon wrapped around the leg! Anahata Designs also does some leather on canvas appliquéd shorts that are a favorite far and wide.

It doesn't take a lot to put together a great look!

Its important to note that weather is finicky at camp out festivals and while you may be sweltering in the afternoon, or even sweaty from dancing at midnight, temperatures can drop drastically in the dark, and its good to carry a variety of long sleeves, even a warm jacket and socks in case you need them.

Of course the most important thing of all to wear, is a sparkling smile!


 These guys will put one on you!

PS – as a producer, I can speak from experience: we always end up with mountains of lost and found items. Just like when you went to camp as a kid, put your name and phone number on everything that you’d like to get back if you lose it. Same with purses & wallets, make sure there’s contact info in it! And we get tons of cell phones – here’s a tip – put your best friends phone number on the back of your phone, (or your mom’s). Cover it with some packing tape to keep it from coming off. We know you want your phone back - Help us out!

Fair Thee Well!

Photos by Kyer Wiltshire, Mario Covic, Brendan Jaffers-Thom, Mike Smalley, Zac Cirivello and the designers.
by Saphir Lewis, producer of Festival Fire in all its incarnations.




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