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I’ll simply start-the jacket is sick!! I got it for my lady friend and she tripped out just the same-fit is as good as it looks. I stumbled upon your website browsing Alex Grey gear and had to get it for her-FFF has cool style that definitely will make me a future return customer. This wearable piece of psychedelia even arrived a day earlier than expected-April20 was the perfect day to gift an A-L-E-X F’n G-R-E-Y jacket. Continue the awesome. ~ W.R.

OH MY GOOOOOSHHH!!!!!! DIVINE TIMING!!!<3333 Thank you so so so soooo much for your help!!! I will definitely spread good word about your company and website!! I absolutely love how i can personally email you if i have questions or anything! You are truly a wonderful business owner! A million times THANK YOU!!!
Sending so much love and thanks to you!! ~ E.C.

Thank you guys again for going above and beyond to get those amazing pants to me. Got to wear them at a local burner bday party last Tuesday - everybody loves them! I point to you guys always. Much love maybe we will meet someday on the playa :) <3
Warm Regards, R.W.

I received the package today. It fits well and I enjoy the product! Thank you for your help I'll be sure to let my friends know about your website and the great customer service! *:) happy  ~ R.W.

You're wonderful! Thank you so much Saphir. I can't wait to order from you again. Enjoy your day! :)  ~ N.N.

Thank you, Saphir. I appreciate the lengths you go through to ensure service quality. It truly means a lot to me as a customer that you reply in a timely manor and are so friendly! I will wait a few more weeks and see how things turn out. I will let you know the day I receive the package for your knowledge about this new designer as well. ~ R

Just wanted to let you know I received the vest and I absolutely love it!
Thank you again so much for helping me find this vest. :)  ~ S.L.

I just have to email and let you know that both the items I purchased from you were way above my expectations.  That jacket coat is very nicely made. And the leggings are very bright and thick.  ~ B

Thank you so much for getting back with me.  PLENTY of time before Christmas just wanted to be sure! Thanks so much for your awesome customer service.  ~ J.P.

Sweet!  Thanks for your attention to detail. DONT see that much these days. ~ M.L.

I got it today! It’s beautiful!
I’m wearing it to dance tonight!
XO ~ J.D.

I just wanted to say Thank you to you and your crew - the clothes I ordered fit, the order showed up on time and perhaps most importantly - they looked fabulous!  I got lots of compliments and I felt great.  I've brought the vest and pants back down with me to my home in Costa Rica and will be sporting them at Cosmic Convergence and Envision (tights don't really work down here...)  I'll be ordering more from ya - thanks again - hope y'all had a great Burn!
Pura Vida, M.B.

While people are often all too quick to contact a vendor to complain about a product, I would just like to take the time to thank everyone involved in the service, manufacture and display of the pants I ordered recently; AND received in time for my show today! Please forward to everyone involved how pleased your customer is, and that I would love to shop with you again in the future!
Many many thanks! ~ V.H.

The stuff is arriving and we are just in heaven!!!!!!!  The masks and the glitter britches are just crazy ridiculous!!!!  I am actually going to order another pair of the glitter britches bc they are so good. ~T.M.

I could seriously kiss you via email!!! Thank you so much. Writing review now :) Shine on, ~ M.M.

Thank you so much! This is the best customer service I have ever received you have been so kind! I've decided to just get both colors instead of choosing one!! Thank you again!! ~ D.P.



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