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Kelsey Faery of Kelseys Creations
Kelsey Faery, The Queen of TuTuTopia
Designer of Kelseys Creations

Once upon a time that is this very moment right now along with lots of other moments... there was, and is, a wildly hot pink and ruffled faery named KLC who is rumored to have sprung fully formed from the center of a polka dotted flower far away in the land of Auz.

Kelsey Faery of Kelseys Creations
From the first breath she ever gulped this faery was going full throttle, so filled with glee just to be, that the only thing it seemed reasonable to do was make that glee into tangible forms so she could spread it far and wide and dress up all the nice people in it so everyone else could savor that same gleeful flavor she sips on the regular.

Mens Tribal style and womens festival fashion by kelseys creations
Mens Caballero Pants and Vest, Ladies Lucy Lou Top and (skirt not available)

Obviously there are many forms for true live glee to take...ruffley tutu's, hats shaped like flowers and hats that go tip top, gazillions of tiny foam flowers to stick everywhich where...the most important thing is COLOR!…

Ladies Fancy Frills skirt by Kelseys Creations
Fancy Frills Skirt, Lucy Lou Top and Bella Bolero

A surreal synthesis of textural eye candy and sultry silhouettes compose this collection of delectably debonair dress for any magical moment you might find yourself indulging upon. These enrapturing ensembles, that blend the boundaries between whimsical costumery and suave street wear, will inspire you to traverse the threshold of faery fantasies to the cacophony of seductive cityscapes.

Trinkets, treasure and threads to take you from realms of surreal wonder, to the vivacious flash of metropolitan skylines and back again. Empower the shape shifting siren that sleeps in your soul. Intoxicate yourself with the opulent opus that is Kelsey's Creations.

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