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Festival Fire Fashion brings you the best of the best artisan made bohemian fashion that you usually can find only at festivals, often only once a year at your fave fest. The designers at festivals have a freedom to create wonderful clothing that the malls just can't touch. I have hand picked more than 50 designers from dozens of events for their quality in both style and craftsmanship, so that you can access them all here, in one place online year round. I also included a few other festie necessities, like fire dancing supplies, masks and the occasional light up tutu.

A small percentage of the styles you'll find in our store are custom made to your specific measurements, but most are made in standard sizes ready to ship and almost all are made from natural and organic fabrics. The small independent designers we work with also work closely with their teams, all the way down the supply chain, insuring that everyone involved makes a good living and is treated fairly. This is even more personal and caring than fair trade.

Another fun fact is that many of the clothes are designed in collective work spaces where a group of designers share their ideas, collaborate on new designs and model for each other in photo shoots.

When you shop at Festival Fire you support small independent entrepreneurs, from the designers, to their tailors, to the farmers growing organic cotton, bamboo and hemp and me here at Festival Fire ....each working to serve you from the heart.

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Festival Fire is more than a clothing store. It is a hearth fire, a place to part of a global community working to build the world we want to live in, one that is kind and good to both people and planet. Read all about more than 120 of our transformational festivals in North and Central America (and that many again worldwide) on our blog and calendar site These events are model villages where we practice this new way of living and learn from each other. Our store, Festival Fire Fashion, features artisan designers from our community. When you wear these clothes, you help to create a new environment that takes you away from “street life”, a place that opens new ways of being together, a safe place to "try on" being more caring and kind.

.....If you're heading to a festival this season, give me a holler and if we're going to be at the same event, I'd love to meet for a cup of tea.


Saphir Lewis

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