Round Diffraction Glasses - Spiral Lens

  • $1695

    Throw these glasses on and jump into a sea of spiralling rainbows! These glasses do not diffract indirect lighting. The intense Star diffraction effect of these glasses can be seen when viewing any direct light source.

    This all-new Lens-FX Series takes the concept of light diffraction to a whole new level. With these exclusive lenses, you can now immerse yourself in a variety of never before seen shapes, patterns, and effects!

    The Semi-Hard Plastic lens is rugged, yet affordable, and coated for scratch resistance. We fit these exclusive Spiral lenses into our Molded Plastic Frame for a sleek look at a low price.

    With modern lens technology advancing rapidly, we wanted to bring customers a product that would not only last but also provide the greatest experience. You are guaranteed to not only have an intensive visual experience but also look stylish while you’re at it with these GloFX Diffraction glasses! Open you eyes to a whole new world of diffraction effects!


    • Exclusive Lens-FX Series
    • Molded Plastic Hinge Frame
    • Crisp Spiral Diffraction Lenses
    • Semi-Hard Plastic Lenses
    • Stylish and Affordable
    • Water Resistant  
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty







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