Kaleidoscope Goggles - Blue

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What The Heck Are These Crazy Rainbow Glasses?

Not much gets better than that feeling of being one with the music. But wearing our kaleidoscope glasses can make it better—not only will they add to that feeling, but these glasses will give your experience a one-of-a-kind sensory overload of lights, colors and happiness. by GloFX

Enter into a world of kaleidoscope colors…

A kaleidoscope is a tubular optical toy that contains beads, small pieces of glass, and other materials that reflect and refract light. Kaleidoscope effect glasses are, as the name suggests, eyewear that turns the user’s vision into a sea of wonderful colors and patterns. They are quite similar to “rainbow” glasses (or light diffraction glasses) that are very popular among rave-goers nowadays. But instead of diffracting white light into its component colors like a prism, kaleidoscope glasses uses reflection to magnify images, providing a visual experience like no other types of glasses can. This effect is created through a faceted glass crystal lens.

By simply changing the way your eyes interpret light and objects, you will change your entire perception of reality.



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